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About MARL

About Marlwpc

MARL means variety of materials consisting of an intimate mixture. The mixture here contains wood and polymer. MARL- Wood for Generations | Board Furniture and Plastic Board Manufacturer, pronounces that the bond it is getting into and nourishing with its voluminous client base is going to last for generations. It also emphasizes on the product quality, harping on the durability and the longevity of the wood polymer composite boards offered.MARL was born with aim to develop products which are environment friendly. It is extensively focused on providing quality products and service to its customers at an affordable price.

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  • What we Offer
    MARL is one of the leading manufacturers in India categorized in Wood Polymer Composite Boards. Our vivid experience has made us an expert in gaining a competitive position in the global market. What makes us distinctively unique is our quality consciousness of our products towards our customers. Infact this attribute has been the main key of our success in this tough market conditions. MARL stands as one of the biggest players as regards Indian Wood Polymer Composite products, achieving this height within a very short span of time.
  • Our Vision
    • Developing durable products which last longer as compared to other products in the market
    • To position a transforming perception about the conventional wood based plywoods
    • Developing eco-friendly and green products in order to support a sustainable environment
    • Create products that will provide satisfaction to customers and a good ROI to us simultaneously
  • Our Mission
    • To create and provide innovative and cutting edge products to our customers
    • Optimal quality products as well as best prices that we can offer our customers
    • Following the famous motto 'Save the forest, save the Planet'
  • The History
    MARL is originally a venture of Manakamna Composites Private Limited. The foundation of MARL lies in the hands of experienced and trained professionals from various fields. We have a well qualified as well as a talented human resource base. This has definitely been a catalyst for the growth of the technical aspect of our products. We have a team, who are well versed with all the contemporary technologies used. Different veterans from the polymer and wood industry have brought in their experiences to finally give a shape to the end product.
  • The Ultimate Quality
    At MARL, we create eco-friendly products, thus any product manufactured by us are recyclable. Hence our products are highly non degradable. All our products are certified and we abide by the rules and regulations set up by the international bodies dealing with world environment.

    We produce 100% formaldehyde free products that do not cause any kind of air or water pollution. We have an inhouse team of quality controllers as well as supervisors who minute tests all our products (maintaining world quality standards) before releasing them from the warehouse.
  • The Resource & Infrastructure
    All our plants as well as factories stand well equipped. We have state-of-the-art latest machines which are generally sourced from different parts of the world. All the engineers whom we have taken onboard are outsourced from various foreign locations where the technology of WPC is advanced. Our resources have helped us attain a perfect quality control as well as proper production process. We provide a smooth and prompt delivery of service through our contemporarily advanced infrastructure all across India and outside.